The Stories Behind Our Room Names

Slater Room

John Fox Slater, a dedicated philanthropist and advocate for education, was the original owner of the building that is now Hotel Callista. We named this room in his honor as it embodies his generosity and commitment to progress. If you’d like to explore his legacy further, visit the Slater Memorial Museum, only five minutes away.

Dodd Room

Senator Thomas J. Dodd was a prominent figure in Connecticut’s political landscape. His contributions resonate deeply within our community, so we named this suite after him, paying homage to his unwavering dedication to public service and advocacy for social justice. We recommend visiting the Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium during your stay and catching a lively Sea Unicorns baseball game.

Leffingwell Room

In remembrance of the illustrious Leffingwell family, pioneers who shaped the cultural landscape of our city, this suite invites you to immerse yourself in their legacy of hospitality and sophistication. From hosting esteemed guests to fostering a sense of community, the Leffingwells left an indelible mark on Norwich’s history. As you unwind in this luxurious retreat, let the spirit of the Leffingwell Inn inspire your stay and discover the timeless allure of Norwich’s heritage. During your stay, be sure to visit the Leffingwell House Museum, which is only a seven-minute drive away.

Rose Room

The Rose Room celebrates Norwich’s endearing nickname, the “Rose City.” Norwich earned this title in the 1850s when renowned preacher Henry Ward Beecher visited and marveled at its beautiful gardens. Inspired by its floral splendor, he affectionately dubbed it “The Rose of New England.” It is also worth noting that the previous occupant of our property was the Majestic Rose Dinner Theater.

The Majestic Rose Dinner Theater was located at this property before our extensive renovations.
Norwich Marina and the Yantic River. Photo Credit JJBers.

Yantic Room

Step into the Yantic Room and be swept away by a comforting aurora of tranquil beauty. The Yantic River is one of Norwich’s iconic bodies of water, so we named this suite after the natural gem that winds through our historic town.

Norwich Room

The Norwich Room nods to Norwich, CT, where our hotel proudly resides. Founded in 1659 by settlers led by Major John Mason and Rev. James Fitch, Norwich flourished around Norwichtown Green. By the mid-1700s, it evolved into a prosperous colonial seaport, Chelsea Landing. The town was fueled by the exchange of goods with the West Indies, including sugar, molasses, rum, and enslaved Africans, reflecting a complex chapter in its history. Today, Norwich is a thriving city with a vibrant population and a positive outlook for residential and business growth.
City Hall, Norwich Connecticut. Photo Credit John Phelan.

If you look at the front of our building above the columns you can still see the original Elks signage.

Elk Room

The Elk Room acknowledges the legacy of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE), a cherished fraternal organization deeply rooted in American history that once resided in this building. Founded in 1868, this group has been a beacon of community service, charity, and fellowship for over a century. As you enter The Elk Room, embrace the spirit of camaraderie and goodwill that defines the Elks.

Mystic Room

The Mystic Room pays tribute to the enchanting neighboring town of Mystic. Just a stone’s throw away from Norwich, Mystic beckons with its maritime history, quaint charm, and mysterious allure. Named after this beloved destination, our suite captures the essence of Mystic’s timeless appeal.

Gardner Room

The Carpenter Room is inspired by Norwich’s historic Carpenter House. Built in 1793 by Gardner Carpenter, a local business leader and Revolutionary War veteran, this Georgian-style gem exudes timeless charm.

Baileys Room

The Baileys Room celebrates Oakley Hoopes Bailey’s rare 1976 chromolithograph capturing the vibrant essence of Norwich, CT. Its captivating bird’s-eye view offers a glimpse into Norwich during the Industrial Revolution. Paddlewheel steamships and sailing vessels dot the rivers, reflecting the city’s bustling maritime activity. Holly Hock Island emerges as an industry hub, with factories billowing smoke into the sky.

Canterbury Suite

The Canterbury Room is a charming nod to the nearby town of Canterbury, steeped in centuries of rich history. Established by English colonists in the 1680s as Peagscomsuck, this area evolved into the vibrant community of Canterbury. Situated north of Norwich and south of what is now Woodstock, Connecticut, Canterbury became an independent town in 1703, bearing a name inherited from its English counterpart.

Sterling Room

We named The Sterling Room after the picturesque town of Sterling, nestled in the county’s southeast corner. Bounded by the charming locales of Killingly, Rhode Island, and Voluntown, this quaint township boasts rolling hills and lush landscapes. From its fertile farmlands to its thriving manufacturing industry, Sterling embodies the quintessential New England spirit.

Osgood Room

Step into the Osgood Room and embark on a journey through the remarkable legacy of Dr. Charles Osgood. His dedication to medicine, education, and philanthropy shaped our town, leaving an indelible mark and lasting impact on the community. As you unwind in this elegant space, surrounded by comfort and sophistication, let his commitment to excellence and compassion inspire your stay.

Lisbon Room

The Lisbon Room pays homage to the nearby town of Lisbon. This quaint, historic town is known for its unique allure and rich heritage. So, whether you’re drawn to Lisbon’s picturesque landscapes, sense of community, or vibrant local culture, this suite offers a tranquil sanctuary to unwind and explore.

Madison Room

The Madison Room is a nod to the storied history of Madison, CT. Originally part of Guilford, this coastal enclave was officially incorporated in 1826, bearing the name of President James Madison. From its roots in fishing, shipping, and shipbuilding to its role in crayon manufacturing, Madison has thrived as a center of industry and innovation.

Salem Room

The Salem Room echoes the spirit of the serene beauty and rural charm of the nearby town of Salem, CT. Incorporated in 1819, Salem is a peaceful community nestled among hills, wetlands, and open fields, offering a picturesque respite between Hartford and the seashore. Salem is known for its friendly and caring atmosphere, where diversity thrives and community bonds run deep.

Brooklyn Room

The Brooklyn Room is a tribute to the rich history of nearby Brooklyn, CT. Originally part of Mohegan lands settled in 1703, Brooklyn evolved from a refuge for Puritans to a thriving town incorporated in 1786. From its role in the Civil War to its prominence in agriculture and commerce, Brooklyn’s heritage is woven with resilience and community spirit. Today, it blends rural charm with commercial vitality, preserving its past while embracing the future.

Ashford Room

The Ashford Room is named in honor of the rural charm and history behind the nearby town of Ashford, CT. Established in 1714, Ashford has evolved from a rural agricultural community to a tranquil suburban enclave. From branding horses to upholding the Articles of Confederation, its town meetings have shaped its identity.

Hampton Room

The Hampton Room is a tranquil escape inspired by the idyllic town of Hampton, CT, nestled in Connecticut’s “Last Green Valley.” From its rich history as Windham Village to its vibrant present, Hampton offers a blend of old-world charm and modern comfort.

New London Room

The New London Room pays respect to the vibrant county in which our hotel resides. This dynamic area is situated along Connecticut’s southeastern coastline, blending urban, suburban, and rural communities. From innovative industries like advanced manufacturing and biotech to world-class arts and outdoor adventures, the region offers a diverse array of experiences. Step into the New London Room and immerse yourself in the energy and excitement of this thriving coastal community.

Waterford Room

The Waterford Room reflects the beauty and charm of nearby Waterford, CT. Nestled along Connecticut’s southeastern coastline, Waterford offers a picturesque blend of coastal landscapes and historic charm. From its scenic beaches and waterfront parks to its rich maritime heritage, Waterford beckons visitors to explore and unwind.